ADVISOR Joel Nathan says Hereford United’s owner Tommy Agombar will go down ‘as the man who saved the club’.

Nathan is a friend of Agombar’s and says United’s owner is ‘very well connected in the football industry’.

Speaking at Edgar Street earlier today, Nathan said Agombar hoped to come up the club today but had been struck down by tonsillitis.

“Tommy is a very upbeat character,” said Nathan,

“He came into something he thought he could achieve.

“On the back of that, he has been ridiculed and his family abused and since then he’s not interested in speaking to people.

“He will be here at every game and he will sit there and people will understand he has not created the debt and will go down as the man who saved their club.

“He’s the only person who has put his hand in his pocket and continues to. He went to bed last night a lot poorer than us. He will continue to pay out a lot more today.”

Nathan dismissed fans’ forum rumours that people behind the scenes were also involved in the consortium which took over United.

“Unfortunately, sponsors were put off investing due to bad publicity surrounding the club and that has led to broken promises of payments,” said Nathan.

“Tommy is an entrepreneur who lives in Essex and was born in London.

"He’s very well connected in the football industry.

“I would go to him with propositions. If I need something done, I would go to him because he knows the right people in football.

“He knows agents, teams and football is a very strange business. There’s an inner-circle which can makes things happen in football.

“Tommy knows his football very well. He enjoys football and he enjoys watching his son play football. He was at every game in the Conference when Harry was playing for Grays.

“He has always supported the clubs that I have been involved with.

“You will find that, deep down, he’s a Chelsea supporter.

“He invests and he’s involved in anything that’s viable. He has always been very passionate about owning his own club.

“Most people involved in football would love to own their own club. But if it was a restaurant or a viable business he is interested. He puts people together.”

Nathan added: “There are no people hidden behind the scenes. Tommy is the owner of the club. There’s Andy Lonsdale and I advising and Mark Ellis, who is advising on the football side and the management. You don’t need a great deal more in the Southern League.”

Advisor Andy Lonsdale said: “I am doing this on a voluntary basis because Tommy’s a friend of mine.

“We are involved in other things as well. Joel and I are not getting any payment.

“We are passionate about the future. I am up here two days every week and that will continue.

“Mark Ellis is not getting paid a penny. If we believe so much in this club, why aren’t the locals?”