TEENAGER Ben Fortey is the new Hereford Snooker League singles champion.

THe Q4Carlton team member beat Police A's Nick Winwood at Hereford Military Club in the final which preceded the league's annual presentation of prizes to the winners and runners up in competitions.

The final was a hard fought battle with some impressive potting from both players but in the end Fortey came out on top by three frames to one.

This year's Division One champions were were Miller Boys who beat runners-up, The Zeds, by just one point to repeat the previous year's single-point victory. Division Two winners were Q4Carlton and runners-up were Shedloads with both teams earning promotion to the Division One.

In the team competitions, Q4Carlton won the Team knockout while Military B won the Plate competition.

This year, a new Champion of Champions competition involved the four winners of the divisional and team knockout competitions.

After playing three matches each, there was a tie for top spot between Military B and Q4Carlton who took the title on the basis of points scored.

The new Most Improved Player award went to Jack Debbage of Potting Shed Y.


DIVISION 1: 1 Miller Boys, 2 The Zeds.

DIVISION 2: 1 Q4Carlton, 2 Shedloads.

TEAM KNOCKOUT: 1 Q4Carlton, 2 Legionares.

THE PLATE TEAM KNOCKOUT: 1 Military B, 2 Nowhere Men.

PAIRS: 1 Stuart Roberts and Simon Juckes (Miller Boys), 2 Tim Bunclark and Mike Craddock (Flukey Few).

HANDICAP SINGLES: 1 Jedd Mann (Military B), 2 Ross Hood (Zeds).

DIVISION 1 SINGLES: 1 Jedd Mann (Military B), 2 Andy Bromage (Broms Boys).

DIVISION 2 SINGLES: 1 Ben Fortey (Q4Carlton), 2 Paul Jones (Railway A).

BILLIARDS: 1 Geoff Mayor (Police A), 2 Glyn Biffen (Police A).

OVER 55 SINGLES: 1 Ian Cooper (Police A), 2 Geoff Mayor (Police A).

HIGHEST BREAKS, Division 1: Stuart Roberts (Miller Boys) 77; Division 2: Ben Fortey (Q4Carlton) 118.

OPEN SINGLES: 1 Ben Fortey (Q4Carlton), 2 Nick Winwood (Police A).


MOST IMPROVED PLAYER: Jack Debbage (Potting Shed Y).

Pictured, clockwise from top left:

Miller Boys: Stuart Roberts, Andy Gray, John Juckes, Sean Browning and Stuart Donald.

Legionares: Mick Chivers, Trevor Davies, Brett Rigby, Tommy Liles and Tony Pugh.

Q4Carlton: Mitch Hughes, John Meredith, Matt Oldham, Ben Fortey (Front), Carl Williams (Rear), Jordan Hoare, Mark Mortlock, Glen Cameron.

Military B: Jedd Mann, Paul Yeomans, Richie Mann, Jason Plant, Gerry Gough and Neil Greening.


Two young Hereford snooker players have just enjoyed a very successful season, each claiming several competition prizes, not only in the Hereford League but in inter county competitions held in Worcestershire.

Ben FORTEY, aged 17, won the following competitions in Hereford: The Open Singles, Division 2 Singles, Highest Break (118). He was also part of the Team that won The Team Knockout, Division 2 winners and Champion of champions. In the inter county competitions he reached the semi finals in the open singles where he met some seasoned and accomplished players. A notable victory was a great 3-1 victory over Maria Catalano. Catalano is one of the World’s very best lady snooker players, but is perhaps even better known as a cousin of Ronnie O’Sullivan. In his quarter final match he earned his place in the semi final with breaks of 47, 50 and 110. However, he was unable to conquer his opponent Andy Smith but nevertheless made an impressive debut in the inter county competition and is building quite a reputation as an up and coming snooker player.

Jedd MANN, aged 14, plays for the Military B team and won the Division 1 Singles and the Handicap Singles competitions. He was also part of the team that won ‘The Plate’ team knockout. In the Worcestershire area under 19’s competition Jedd also put in impressive performances to claim the trophy as under 19’s champion.