MORE than 200 local people, young, old and inbetween, have joined together in Leintwardine and the neighbouring villages to host a series of events in the village, starting today, to mark the outbreak of the First World War.

There is a play, The Ginger Cat, a comedy written in 1914 by Anglo-Irish fantasy writer Lord Dunsany, the production of which was halted when war broke out.

Two exhibitions tell the story of local families on the brink of war, and show the letters, diaries and pictures of those who went to fight.

A pop-up cafe will serve food from the era, esearched by the Youth Group. They tried pigs’ trotters, but they didn't make it on to the weekend's menu.

There will also be two concerts, one the Hobson’s Inland Shanty Singers with a new repertoire of WW1 songs, the other a presentation of music, poetry and song, featuring a group of amateur and professional performers from all around the area.

The children from the primary school will sing, and the Red Cross will be in attendance in their First World War uniforms. Poetry and diary readings, children’s games, and a discussion of conscientious objection in WW1 are also featured.

The event runs from 10am to 6pm from today until Monday, October 20. All activities are free, supported by the WW1 Heritage Lottery Fund, through the Leintwardine History Society. Any donations go to the Red Cross. For further information, visit

Hereford Times: Woodland Trust