A CAT-loving family has been left heartbroken after their fourth pet in two years has been put down due to suspected antifreeze consumption.

Mark Clayton, of Pear Tree Close, Bromyard, has asked police to investigate after his one-year-old beloved Ragdoll-cross named Rory was put down last week following suspected consumption of the liquid.

"The first cat we lost was in September 2015 and we didn't think anything of it as antifreeze is widely used in the winter," said Mr Clayton.

"We went looking for our cat when we hadn't seen her and found her at the side of the shed and her fur had gone dry.

"We called a vet who knew straight away what it was as there had been other cases in Bromyard."

The family's second pet was put down in November 2016 but it wasn't until they lost another cat in May and Rory's death last week that they now suspect something more sinister.

"Antifreeze being used between May and September is nothing but malicious and you’d struggle to convince us otherwise," added Mr Clayton.

"We just can’t believe that someone could be so cruel. We have our suspicions who it might be but proving it is another matter. All our cats, bar one, stay very close to home during the day, well as far as we’re aware, but during the night - who knows. Keeping them in is easier said than done.

"Two out of the four were cats reared by us from kittens so it’s really heartbreaking to have them go in this way."

Anybody with any information should contact police on 101.