THE idea of a first community radio station in Hereford has been given the thumbs up by residents.

Organisers of Reach Radio, based at Saxon Hall, held a family fundraiser last weekend when visitors heard about plans for the station and what its aims are.

Some 48 local charities also attended the event to let visitors know what they offer and to network with each other.

"The radio is one small part of the morning and we pre-launched the idea to let charities and residents know how it would benefit them," said Saxon Hall's centre manager Victoria Craig.

"Ian Davies, from Like Radio, spoke about the logistics and how it would work. The station will give them opportunities to talk about their charities and advertise events."

A committee has been formed to run the Reach brand, which the radio station comes under. A funding bid has also been submitted to help launch the radio station.

The radio station which will be available 24 hours a day will initially be online-based and through a mobile phone application.

It is hoped that the station can become a 'one stop shop' for the community and charities to showcase their events.

This could include anything from a gardening club promoting themselves or somebody talking about their fundraising bike ride. The station hopes to have a wide appeal from eight-year-olds to those aged in their 90s.

"It's early days but we're getting there and we have done a lot of consultation work with the public and charities to see if it was something that we needed," added Miss Craig.

"We have got the information back that it is needed within the community."