A LAMB has been severely injured by a dog on the Malvern Hills.

The attack happened on Monday (July 27) near West of England Quarry where a lamb had left the grazing compartment.

Although cattle and sheep on the hills can be found within the electric-fenced enclosures listed in Stockwatch, people should expect to find livestock anywhere, at any time on the Malvern Hills and Commons.

The enclosures are not 100 per cent stock proof and the Hills and Commons are registered common land, which means cattle and sheep can be found freely in the landscape, outside of the grazing projects.

Walkers have been advised that if they're at all in doubt about how their dog will react or cannot guarantee that their pet will come back if it takes interest in sheep, keep it on a lead at all times.

Malvern Hills Trust have been able to speak to the dog owner involved and offer advice regarding the seriousness sheep worrying.

The lamb has been treated by a vet and is in the good care of the grazier to see if it makes a recovery.

Check the location of the grazing compartments and find out more here: www.malvernhills.org.uk/stockwatch