A MUM whose twins were born 10 weeks premature has praised the "brilliant" staff at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Angie Ahmed also spoke of how the coronavirus restrictions have affected her and her family, with the twins' dad unable to see her and relatives not allowed to visit.

The 36-year-old went into hospital after feeling "flutters" on March 31.

The mum-of-four, from Bromsgrove, said: “We turned up at the hospital at noon. I was checked out straight away and the nurses told me the twins were ready to come out. I was 10cm dilated with no contractions or pains or anything.

“I was terrified, they were 10 weeks early. With everything going on at the moment with the virus, I just wanted to keep them safe inside, but they had other ideas.”

Angie gave birth to Trent Kerr at 2.50pm and his twin sister Tallulah Kerr at 3.21pm.

She said: “There were 11 doctors and nurses with me during the birth, plus my partner – I felt really well supported and the natural birth went without complication.

“It has been such an amazing experience, I was so worried about them being premature, but they are perfect, they are breathing without help and taking milk through feeding tubes.

“They are proper little characters already. Tallulah is a bit of a diva, she doesn’t like to be touched and is definitely the noisier of the two. Trent is so chilled and aware, his eyes are always open and he turns his head to the side to see what he can see.”

Angie and partner Chris Kerr, aged 51, have had to follow strict rules to protect themselves and the twins from coronavirus.

Angie explained: “It has been hard but Chris was at the birth, so that was something. But since then he hasn’t been able to come and see me.

"It is difficult as all I want at this time is to see my family all together, the twins are the spit of Chris and its clear how much he loves them.

“Due to the virus I am staying in a room on my own and I am not allowed visitors and I can’t speak with the other mums.

"I feel very isolated and I am missing sharing my babies with my family, but I understand why the restrictions are in place.

“Chris is self isolating at home – we take it in turns to go and see the twins, and make sure we video call each other when we are with them.

“I cannot praise the staff at the hospital enough, they do not get nearly enough recognition. They are absolutely brilliant, I can’t describe how grateful I am for their support during this time.

“We will be here for at least another six weeks and they have made us feel so welcome and comfortable. All the staff are clearly under pressure, but they have gone out of there way for us. I can’t explain how much I appreciate everything they are doing for me and my babies.

“This whole journey has been so emotional, but I feel so blessed and so happy that my beautiful babies are safe, healthy and well. I can’t thank Worcester Royal enough.”