A CRISIS brings out the best and worst in people, and that is what we have seen locally during this coronavirus pandemic – but we must remember that for every one selfish idiot, there are dozens of good samaritans.

In this area, we have had reports of people suspected of having Covid-19 intentionally coughing on emergency service workers, heard of people flouting the ‘stay at home’ message by going out unnecessarily, and seen the selfish bulk-buying from supermarkets that has left many people unable to get toilet roll or other vital supplies.

However, that is the minority.

The majority have responded to the challenge of coronavirus in a positive way. Volunteer groups have sprung up to provide food and other supplies for the needy, huge sums of money have been donated to the NHS to help the battle against the virus, and community-minded individuals have used the internet to spread positive messages and provide entertainment for all of those people staying at home.

Most of us can be proud of how we have responded.