IT’S a great shame that an enterprising local company has been told not to produce ventilators by the Government less than a week after getting the go ahead.

In time it can only be hoped that the design by the firm Gtech can help save lives elsewhere in the world, particularly in developing countries where deaths are likely to be far higher. Dyson has already signed a contract with the Government when it announced an order of 10,000 of its CoVent prototype.

We hope in time a full explanation from the Government is forthcoming, setting out the rationale behind the decision regarding Gtech. In the meantime people can take heart from the fact that some of the greatest creative and technical minds in the UK are giving the coronavirus their full focus.

No matter our colour or creed, our nationality or religion, we are all in this together and the harder all of us work together the sooner a solution can be found and the fewer people will have to suffer and die with this terrible disease.

It is fantastic to see a Worcester company at the forefront of this fight.