SIR – I have listened to the news on TV and all this very sad scary news, and what the powers that be are doing for the people of this country.

Through  all of this I have not heard anything about the homeless people who are on our streets around the country.

Who is helping them, because of the distancing that we have to do now, how are they getting food, are soup kitchens still allowed. 

It’s bad enough they sleep in doorways, with cardboard boxes.

But who is looking out for these people. 

Have I missed something?

Some people may not be bothered but we must remember – for the grace of God go I – it could be any one of us in this situation. 

Not sure if this will or can be answered but I felt incensed enough to ask. 

After all, with what some disgraceful idiots are doing around the country, our homeless could be wiped out without anyone knowing.

So sad. 

P Orgee