RESIDENTS were on the verge of eviction from a holiday park, until the Worcester News and an MP stepped in.

Many caravan owners, who are elderly or in poor health, were handed a confirmation later on Tuesday after a warning letter was issued on Sunday, giving just hours to vacate The Springs Holiday Park in Lower Moor, near Pershore before closure.

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However, after our reporter went out to the park and Harriet Baldwin MP intervened the holiday park owners relented.

As one resident put it - “this is not Butlins where we come for two weeks.”

Instead people living there can stay for up to ten months of the year and are registered with pharmacies, dentists and doctors nearby, but have to remain a residence elsewhere as part of the terms.

Patricia Doyle, 68, said: “ I have family living at my home in Tamworth - I don’t want to go back and possibly pass anything nasty on. We’re not leaving - I don’t want to put my family at risk.”

A letter from Allens Caravan Estates Limited stated: “This [closure] is with immediate effect by 4pm [Tuesday]. If there is any reason why you cannot leave, you need to discuss this with us.”

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin said: “I was able to speak to the park owners and to the minister to clarify that in the circumstances these often elderly constituents should not be asked to leave their homes to return to other residences. The guidance to park home operators was clarified and I believe many evictions were stopped.”

At around 3pm on Tuesday, an updated letter was emailed and handed out by staff. The letter stated: “If you have written to us to advise us on your reasons why you cannot vacate -as per advice from the MPs and the government - you can remain in your holiday homes.” Director Joe Folkes said: “Allens Caravans is acting in accordance with a Government directive that all holiday parks must shut and remain closed for the foreseeable future. We have contacted all owners of holiday homes on our parks, and advised them they must leave for us to comply with the Government’s instructions. Government acknowledged that there were circumstances which might make it impossible for some people to vacate their holiday homes.

“We will be giving every assistance possible.”