WORKING in the newsroom today and over the last few weeks as part of a team of “key workers” it’s good to know how many responsible citizens are out there and it's a truly humbling experience

The culture secretary Oliver Dowden said: "Journalists have been given the status as key workers - to maintain the production and distribution of verified news."

What a time to be in the industry.

I’ve lost count of the number of callers who’ve contacted the news desk, showing genuine concern over some businesses still being open during the Government ‘lockdown’.

These are not malicious calls and there is deep concern in their voices each and every time, concerns we all share.

It shows to me the message over what is essential work is not very clear from the Government.

Many supermarkets are making sure health and emergency service workers are getting access to the food they need.

After all, how can they look after us if they’re running on empty?

Members of the public, from what I’ve seen going and leaving work, are keeping a safe distance and taking their daily run, walk or cycle and near empty streets as per Government guidelines.

It’s not easy being a journalist, having daily video link conferences, some unwell and staying at home, but desperate to get stories out to inform and entertain.

There is a real esprit de corps for not just journalists, but everyone who I’ve spoken to and I can see how the pandemic is comparable to war as humans, regardless of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, are all on the same side, fighting against a killer virus that has claimed many lives and will claim more for some time to come.

If we all pull together and do our bit through shared collective responsibility we will reach the light at the end of this dark tunnel and this will be a period which will go down in the annals of history, for our future generations to reflect upon if they happen to encounter an existential threat.

Be good to one another and treat each and every person as you would treat a member of your own family and remember not to lose your sense of humour , which has the ability to pull us from our lowest ebb.