RISING floodwater at Powick roundabout - described as 'the worst since 2007' - has shut two major roads.

The A449 by Cromwells restaurant is shut both ways as the river Teme has burst its banks the water has overrun the road at Powick roundabout.

Police have been at the scene helping to divert cars from the area.

Thanks to the flooding, the A4440 Carrington Bridge has also been closed between the Ketch roundabout and the Powick roundabout.

Many are saying that the flood level is close to that seen in 2007, regarded as the worst for many years, and that it may even go higher.

Brian Stretch tweeted: "Remarkable scenes at #Powick A449 roundabout on the #Worcester southern bypass as it becomes inundated with floodwater from the River Teme this evening. By far the worst since 2007 and at the rate it is rising, it's presumably going to get much worse."

H, @TomBakerssocks, tweeted: "That's higher than 2007.. We had to abandon our car on the roundabout that year, the water didn't get up that high."