WORCESTER readers expressed vitriol for a mother who's claims her ex partner had raped her whilst she was on her way back from a pub turned out to be lies.

This time six years ago Lisa Yapp was on the front page after being jailed for three years for falsely accusing a man of rape.

Lisa Yapp , mother of a five-year-old son, at the time, named her ex-boyfriend Gavin Hockey as the culprit and he was arrested.

But CCTV film showed that he was in Hereford at the time of the alleged attack and it emerged during a trial that she had had a drunken sex session with two older men.

Yapp, of Liverpool Road, Ronkswood, was found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice by making a false statement.

Judge Michael Cullum described it as a “deliberate, determined and consistent” attempt to pervert the course of justice.

The investigation had taken up police time and harmed the investigation of cases where there was a genuine complaint of rape.

He said Yapp was a tragic figure who had had problems for many years.

Seemingly plausible, she had turned out to be a compulsive liar.

There had been potential disaster for Mr Hockey, an innocent man whom she had accused of raping her 100 times.

During the trial, Yapp claimed she was attacked in an alleyway after drinking in the Goodrest pub in Gillam Street on August 1, 2011.

She said she was partially stripped and knocked to the floor before she was raped.

But CCTV showed she had left the pub with two older men with whom she had been laughing and joking.

Yapp had shown them pictures of herself naked and told them how she had taken part in orgies.

In the house of a friend she had taken off her top and bra and pulled down her trousers before having sex with one man while the other groped her.

John Dyer, in mitigation, said there was a borderline personality disorder.

Yapp had shown remorse and realised the trouble she had caused to the people involved but she continued to stick to her view of what happened that night.

She had made numerous visits to hospital and took a range of drugs prescribed to help her.

One psychiatrist had disagnosed that she was “completely disconnected from reality.”

She claimed that she drank two-and-a-half bottles of vodka a day by the time she was seven.

She wanted to leave school so she could smoke cannabis.

Yapp spoke of hearing voices and having sexual experiences at school.

Once when helping out at a nursery, she lied that a baby had died.

She could not recall saying that, because she was “stoned.”

She also claimed she spent £20 a week on marijuana and £100 on alcohol although she was on benefits.

She “blagged” the money off friends.

Mr Dyer said Yapp had been helped out time and again by her mother, who had been suffering from breast cancer.

She would be bearing the burden again having to look after the five-year-old while her daughter was in prison.

Speaking after the result, DC Kirsty Hickling, the investigating officer at West Mercia Police, said: “I would like to endorse the judge’s comments that the rare incidents of false rape claims damage the reputation of true victims who need to be able to trust they will be believed when they come forward.

“Yapp has wasted a lot of police time and not just in our initial investigation into what was treated as a sincere report of a sexual offence .

“Because she has denied throughout that she had lied, we have then had to put time and effort into proving she was lying and to support a prosecution.

“As such, we are satisfied with the sentence."