A KIDDERMINSTER man on trial for murder once threatened his mother with a knife, a court heard.

Nathan Calder, of Eddy Road, claimed he stabbed 48-year-old Paul Lundy to death in self-defence at his Horsefair flat in May this year after the victim “sexually propositioned and manhandled him”.

It was heard at Worcester Crown Court today (Tuesday, December 3) Mr Calder was previously convicted of possessing a knife in a public place and affray in 2013.

Court prosecutor Mr Jonas Hankin said that the 28-year-old also threatened his mother during an argument in November 2012.

Mr Hankin said: “Mr Calder arrived at his mother’s home drunk and began arguing with her.

“The argument continued until the defendant got up and said he was going to kill his mother.

“His mother believed in his threat and left. She was frightened and she said 'he is going to kill me.'”

The court was told Mr Calder followed her next door with a kitchen knife.

Mr Hankin said: “He smashed panels of glass on his neighbour’s front door and then unlocked it.

“He threatened his neighbour and said, 'I’ll stab you too.'”

Mr Hankin then said the defendant was later arrested at the scene.

The court was previously told how Mr Calder stabbed Mr Lundy three times with a kitchen knife at his home in Maureen Aston Court, Broad Street, on May 22.

Mr Hankin presented the 10cm kitchen knife used by Mr Calder to kill Mr Lundy in court which was was shown to the jury.

It was heard that blood found on the knife matched the DNA of Mr Lundy.

Mr Hankin said: “There’s no dispute that it’s his blood.”

In an interview read out in court, Mr Calder told police that Mr Lundy tried to push him down on his settee after he was asked by the victim to perform sexual acts.

When asked how Mr Lundy "manhandled" him, Mr Calder gestured this by holding his own t-shirt and making a fist.

The court heard Mr Calder said in his interview he "wrestled" with Mr Lundy and later "panicked".

In the interview, Mr Calder described stabbing Mr Lundy as feeling "like butter."

The court prosecution ended their case. The trial continues.