PUPILS from Bromsgrove Pre-Prep and Prep School recently participated in a ramble across school grounds, raising more than £380 for Children in Need.

Youngsters were supported by more than 40 school monitors and ‘survivors’ (pupils who had joined in the nursery and gone all the way through the school) for the extracurricular activity.

Once the ramble was complete, the children, many of whom had worn their Pudsey ears or dressed in spotty outfits, were treated to a hot chocolate and homemade cookie for their efforts.

A schools spokesman said: "Despite the atrocious weather conditions, the nursery and reception children’s ramble to Avoncroft Museum still went ahead for Children in Need on Thursday, November 14. The children just donned their waterproofs and carried on!

"They really did need their hot chocolate and cookies after this one."

They added: "Their efforts were certainly worthwhile and the total raised from both rambles was £382."