MADAM - Time has gone on and still not sure what is happening with the Castle Hill site where Dudley Hippodrome stands.

A group of us went up to see Stockport Plaza last week that were, at one point, in the same position.

Eventually the council and professional people got behind them. Today stands a completely restored building bringing entertainment and an economy boost into the town.

Very recently the Peaky Blinders filmed there due to its authentic décor and its in-keeping look of their era.

This should really have happened more locally in a restored building. i.e. Dudley Hippodrome.

There is talk now of a 4000 seater Arena. Why? We have a theatre ready for the taking.

Council informed our group that we would never fill a 1,500-seat theatre so how will they fill an enormous arena?

Please, work with the campaign and lets get this show on the road.

We owe this to our fathers and grandfathers that worked without modern day tools and locally sourced materials to bring entertainment to Dudley and the surrounding area. Surely they deserve our respect.

Angela Fletcher