MADAM - As one of the constituents of Stourbridge I have been fortunate to receive support in my hours of need from Margot James. I read this morning of lack of support from local Conservatives for her return.

No one has given me more help than this lady. She was there when I was bed blocked in the Royal Orthopaedic hospital - she dealt with the problem that was halting the excellent work done there. No one else could have looked at that problem when Dudley discharges were bottom of the list.

She got extra money for the urgent needs of Social Services for the work being evaluated for step down facilities. She was there to help with needs at Russell Hall and in local GP practices.

And now when she has put herself forward for re-selection where are her friends?

Even now she has been helping sort out higher education whilst another site has been left in Stourbridge..

She has been a woman of high admirable principles and a woman who left the party when practice did not meet them.

Thank you Margot for all you have done for me to survive my severe struggles.

You and your team have been my lifeline.

Pat Harris