BBC presenter Nick Knowles says he shares viewers' frustrations - after his DIY SOS heartwarming show featuring a Stourbridge family was 'bumped' because of Brexit.

The tale of disabled Karis Lane - who lives with cerebral palsy and faced being put in care until Knowles' team and other volunteers stepped in to adapt her sister's home in Bromsgrove - was set to be screened on Wednesday night (November 6).

However, a late change of scheduling meant a Panorama special about the ongoing Brexit saga was aired instead.

That did not go down well with Knowles, who responded on Twitter to viewers asking what had happened to the episode.

The 57-year-old tweeted: "Think it’s been bumped for more politics ‘cos what we need right now is more politics and less community right?

"I think we need all the community we can get at the moment."

Viewers agreed with Knowles' comments, saying they would rather watch DIY SOS than 'another' politics show.

With a DIY SOS Children In Need special taking priority next week, the episode will now not be screened until Wednesday, November 20.

The television's show renovation team - aided by local companies and volunteers - carried out a two-storey side extension at the home of Johanna Lane, Karis's sister, in Lickey End, Bromsgrove.

The work provided a wet-room and bedroom for Karis, 28, who uses a wheelchair and is in need of constant care.

She previously lived in Stourbridge with her mum Karen, but Karen’s own declining health meant she needed help, so the DIY SOS team helped make Johanna's home accessible for Karis.

The show's sypnosis said: "Jo's own house is wholly inaccessible for Karis - the doors and corridors are too narrow for her wheelchair and there is no disability access to the upstairs.

"It means this family are facing their worst nightmare: the only way to make sure Karis doesn't have to go in to a residential home is to rebuild Jo's house and reunite the sisters once more."