DRIVERS have been reassured that they will still be able to park for free at a supermarket car park if they want to visit other shops or the theatre.

The introduction of new cameras at the car park at Malvern's Waitrose branch offers had sparked worries that a three-hour free period would come to an end.

Concerns included if car parking would still still freely available to residents, especially in the evening, despite the introduction of Automatic Numberplate Recognition (ANPR).

Councillor Beverley Nielsen spoke with store manager James Alldridge, who clarified that the terms and conditions of the car park have not changed and that the car park is open, free-of-charge for up to three hours, with no return for two hours following use.

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People are also able to use the Waitrose car park anytime after 6pm throughout the evening.

In the case of parking before 6pm, residents do run the risk of triggering an automatic parking charge of £70 if they remain there for longer than the maximum three hour period.

Cllr Nielsen said: “I am very pleased to see that Waitrose Malvern are keen to support our wider retail and leisure economy and are aware of how important their car parking is for residents and visitors alike.

“It’s essential that this vital facility continues to serve our community providing access to our town centre, our shops, local businesses, restaurants and world-famous Malvern Theatres, helping to ensure they continue to thrive for the benefit of everyone here, including Waitrose.”