THE company operating a cement and sand site near Malvern has invited the Lib Dem PPC for West Worcestershire for a visit after she raised concerns about the area.

Beverley Nielsen had raised concerns over the state of the land at the Cemex site in Ryall, saying that the land had not been sufficiently re-developed, with quicksand and dumped waste.

Mrs Nielsen went to the site last week where she met with the company's planning advisor Shaun Denny, quarry manager Mike Roberts and assistant quarry manager Carly Harrison, along with operations manager Dave Goodman.

The group discussed Cemex's plans to redevelop the land and Mrs Nielsen said: "They told me they had fallen behind with their restoration plan because of recession, Great Crested Newts being found on site, and an outage as no material was arriving on site which meant they needed to shut down.

“The site employs 17 people processing between 800 and 1200 tonnes of gravel and sand daily coming from Ryall North site and arriving by barge.

"It was encouraging to learn there are no chemicals in the silt or the soil. They have restored 40 per cent of the Ryall site in total including ‘Newtopia’ as a habitat set aside for newts.

“During excavations they have found ancient remains - a Roman Villa has been uncovered and recently they unearthed 20 bodies from the Roman era, gruesomely beheaded prior to burial."

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Dave Goodman said: “We were pleased to welcome Beverley Nielsen and show her around the site explaining more about how we operate. We demonstrated how seriously we take all health and safety issues."I’ve worked 37 years’ in the industry and take great pride in our safety track record.

"We are all very proud that CEMEX was rated by Forbes as 15th best regarded company in the world and the highest ranked company in the construction materials industry, and alongside companies such as Apple and IBM.”