RICHARD Keedwell's determination to have his speeding ticket overturned is on the one hand quite admirable but is also an example of when obsession clouds all other judgement.

He has lost nearly £30,000 and with him only standing to initially lose £100 after being caught speeding in New Street, Worcester, in the long-run it doesn't make sense.

It is true that "sometimes you have to stand up and be counted" but you also have to pick your battles at times and know when you're never going to win. It's very much got out of hand.

The 71-year-old still plans to continue his fight though admits he would tell anyone else in this situation "bitterly, don't bother".

Likely, if he took a step back, he would realise how stupid it all is. Hopefully his legal team won't just bleed him dry and will stop him.

It reminds me of when you lose some money gambling and rather than stepping back, you put on an even more ridiculous better to try win it back, believing that at some point you will win big and get everything back. It rarely happens and I hope somebody sees sense before it's too late.