A COUNTY councillor has proposed rainbow colours be painted over a zebra crossing to make it stand-out better after a woman was hit by a car.

Councillor Paul Denham said the crossing in Lowesmoor has long been an issue, with residents often reporting “near misses” and believes it’s time changes were made.

Last Thursday afternoon, a woman in her late 50s was taken to hospital with head injuries after being hit on the crossing outside Costless by a BMW.

In August, two ‘rainbow crossings’ were added to roads in Lambeth, London, containing the same colours as those in the Pride flag, to “show solidarity with the LGBT+ community”, the borough council said.

Cllr Denham, who represents Rainbow Hill, said Lowesmoor “would be a great place” for such a crossing because of the area being home to The Flag, the city’s only LGBT+ pub.

During his term as mayor of Worcester in 2016/17, Cllr Denham was the first to fly a rainbow flag on the Guildhall in support of the community.

“I have had a number of people telling me about near misses,” he told the Worcester News. “I did ask the county council to see if it’s visible enough and if it needs re-painting or something like that.

“They have done it in London, so why can’t it be done here? It’s just a bit of paint.

“We’re talking about improving a crossing that’s already there, not creating a new crossing, so it wouldn’t be expensive.”

Cllr Denham said he often drives through Lowesmoor and believes the crossing maybe faded or cars maybe being parked too close, obscuring the crossing.

“It is something Highways need to look at as to why it is people don’t seem to not always be taking notice.”

Councillor Alan Amos, Worcestershire County Council cabinet member for Highways, said: “In compliance with regulations and national guidance, any alterations will be subject to a thorough review that will examine road safety and other considerations.”