BUSINESSES stepped in to rescue a school trip after a crash in Worcester last week.

Pupils from Winterfold School were due to visit Pizza Express in the city last week but disaster struck when a van crashed into the front window of the restaurant.

The original plan for the class of five and six year-olds had been to go to Pizza Express in the morning, where they would learn about pizza toppings, where food comes from, partake in a taste challenge and eat the pizza they had made themselves.

The plan was then to visit Churchfields Farm, near Droitwich, that afternoon, where the children would have a tour of the farm and discover how ice creams were made.

But, as they were about to leave, the school received a call from Pizza Express saying the trip was off.

Ben Ascott, the owner of Fuso in Aston Fields, near Bromsgrove, was up for the challenge and said that he would hate for the children not to have their trip.

He agreed to open up especially for the school in the afternoon to make pizzas but would need to fire up the ovens in preparation.

Churchfields moved the visit from the afternoon to the morning, which meant the farmer coming in especially to show the cows to the children, teach them all about dairy products and in particular, their ice cream.

Vicky Richardson, a Year 1 class teacher, said: “It felt like everyone was rallying around us, helping to make this trip happen.”

Miss Richardson’s Colleague Fran Williams said: “There are not many places that would open especially for a group of 5 and 6 year olds, with no notice.

“I am really thankful to Ben and his team and can’t wait to book again in the future.

“After a stressful start, the trip was a roaring success.

“Thank you to Fuso and Churchfields for coming to the rescue.”