TWO shopkeepers in Worcester have become embroiled in a row over a ball display which one shop owner says is driving away business.

Andrew Connellan, who owns Connect 2 Vapes on Broad Street, claims that a display of balls set up by the owner of the toy shop next door is obscuring customers’ views of his shop, meaning he is losing business.

He said: “We opened our shop 23 years ago and since then have sold many things, basically whatever the fad is at the time so we sold loom bands, fidget spinners and tamagotchis when they were in fashion.

“When the toy shop opened we thought ‘great’ because what we need is more thriving businesses in Worcester.

“Since then it has become a bit of a case of neighbours from hell.

“He has set up this ball display which prevents people from seeing that we are open and it has really hurt our business.

"He really dislikes this shop. When fidget spinners were the big craze he declared 'fidget spinner war' on us."

The shop next door, Toys and Games of Worcester, is owned by Tim Evans, who responded to the claims saying: “All we want to do is sell toys.

"Our display does not block the view of the shop next door as their signs are higher than our display is.

"In fact you could very much claim it is the same case from the other end of the street as their signs obscure ours."

Mr Evans, 50, said his business follows the rules and there was no problem with his display:

He added: "It is a shame to be in a dispute with the neighbours like this, all we want to do is sell toys and we are perfectly within the regulations for the frontage of our shop.

"The rules state any front-of-shop display must be less than 1.2 metres from the door and we are currently only 75cm so we just try to follow the rules of business."

The affair has gone before Worcester City Council after Mr Cornellan made a complaint and a council officer visited the two shops last week to discuss the matter.

A City Council spokesman said: “We have contacted Mr. Cornellan and are attempting to resolve this matter.

"A council officer visited the two shops this afternoon and took photographs which can be used as evidence if enforcement action proves necessary.”