MAJOR changes at schools are always going to cause anxiety for parents because of the fear that their children’s education maybe negatively impacted.

Stanley Road Primary School’s plan not only to become an academy but to join Wolverhampton-based Perry Hall Multi Academy Trust was always going to cause some worry.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Becoming an academy takes it from under the nose of the county council and essentially puts it in the hands of a private company, meaning less local accountability, so to speak. Whether this is an entirely bad thing, is not necessarily a certainty, however.

Paul Denham’s claims that county councillors were not kept in the loop by the school is something of a worry though.

But, realistically, schools becoming academies under the control of further afield trusts is not uncommon. Tudor Grange, for example, joined a trust based outside of Worcestershire.

Stanley Road head Anne Potter believes the school has gone with the best option to match the school’s needs. Perhaps the move will help to provide a good sense of perspective?