FAMILY and friends of a 15-year-old boy with a rare form of cancer have come together to raise money for a treatment they hope will be life-saving.

They need to raise £160,000 to fund proton-beam therapy for Dyson Perrins pupil Billy White, who was diagnosed earlier this year with chondroblastic osteosarcoma.

The tumour is situated across the roof of Billy's mouth and nose, making it it too dangerous to operate on.

The proton-beam therapy is Billy’s only option for a cure, say experts, either by making the tumour benign or reducing its size enough for specialist surgery to take place.

After the family launched a JustGiving appeal, over £16,500 has been raised, over 10 per cent of the target, within just three weeks.

Mother Becky said, “Billy has so much to live for and we are determined to move forward and get him the treatment he deserves.”

Father Jon said: "We have no time to spare and need to act now. It is heart-warming there are so many people backing Billy helping us towards the cutting edge treatment.”

Billy said: “I’m keen to raise awareness of teenage cancer and I’m so pleased everyone wants to help and get involved.”

Dyson Perrins is arranging a whole week of fund-raising events, including a pop-up book sale and selling clothing, pottery and jewellery.

Anna Mitchell, one of the first people to organise a fund-raising event, said, “The most positive thing in all this is that Billy has brought the community together through the BackBilly campaign and created a wonderful energy for everyone to share.”

This is the third time Billy and his family have battled cancer, as he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia when he was a baby.

Less than two years after treatment at Bristol Children’s Hospital, the cancer returned and so he underwent further chemo, radiotherapy, complex treatments and a bone marrow transplant using stem cells.

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