THERE is now a revised bus timetable in the Village Stores. Monday to Friday the 363 will travel from Worcester to Upton/Tewkesbury via Callow End, Hanley Swan, Welland and Ryall.

This is a temporary service from September 16 to October 1 when a slightly amended timetable will commence.

The 363 Saturday Service will be available at the Village Stores, valid from September 16 to October 1. This also is a temporary service and will be replaced after October 1 with a slightly amended version also to be available at your Village Stores.

This is not only Tom Wells' effort and negotiating ability but all the emails that were sent from bus users. Well done all of you. Now all we need to keep the buses on the road, is to use them. Some of the outlying villages, just take a ride on the bus once a week to show willing to the bus company that the buses are used! Good idea.

The church is in a bit of a predicament at the moment, the gas heaters have been condemned after their annual inspection! We still have the underfloor heating which is really not adequate. We have to raise £12,600 per year for the Diocese (called Parish Share). This pays for the vicar, retired vicars' pensions and training for new Ministry. We always pay our Parish Share although sometimes it is a struggle to find the money. We have a great bunch of volunteers who work for nothing, by doing small jobs like changing light bulbs (that is not an easy job as the lights are at least 20ft off the ground)! Also the upkeep of the churchyard.

We will be having a working party soon, to clear the back of the church and anyone who feel that they could come and help, would be very welcome.

I am afraid that pay would be tea and homemade cake!

I know quite a lot of people think the church is rich and overall I suppose it is, but each small church like us here in Welland have to find money all the time just to keep the church in shape for all who use or need it. This is why we put on fund raisers. The next fundraiser with the great help from Welland Parish Council, will be the Tredegar Male Voice Choir in the Church on Saturday, November 3. Tickets on sale soon.

By the way the gates haven't been stolen. They are being renewed and paid for by a generous donor.

Mary Purser