ALMOST 40 percent of the registered voters turned out for the recent referendum on the Wellington Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan and 92% said “Yes”. The plan will now go forward to be ratified by a full council meeting at Herefordshire County Council, and future planning decisions will need to take it into consideration.

Have you seen the state of the village oak tree?

This well known landmark is illustrated on the village signs and has been a local feature for well over a century.

During recent years the parish council has arranged for remedial work, but the tree, situated in the middle of the Ledbury Road and Church Lane junction, continues to be in decline.

It has not had the best of seasons with a harsh winter and dry summer which, when added to the problem of compacted roots below the tarmac, is helping cause the continued problems.

Thanks to the folk who turned up for the Bromyard Road bridge closure photo shoot at the bottom of Hollow Lane only to find that I had got the day wrong. I promise to do better next time!

The Farmers Arms is holding an Oktoberfest Celebration from Friday, October 5 to Saturday, October 6 with a traditional Bavarian theme. Expect to hear Bavarian music while enjoying traditional beers and food. The old codger is already pottering around the village going “Oompah, Umpapa” and is threatening to turn up in lederhosen. If you spot him tell him “No”.