STUDENTS from Hanley Castle will appear on national radio tomorrow morning to help launch a competition that highlights the role of women in the cyber-security industry.

Year 11 students Alex Vickers, Libby Nicklin, Emily Manton and Hannah Revett from Hanley Castle will be interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Today programme following their success at the CyberFirst competition in 2017.

The CyberFirst competition held at Lancaster House is a national code-cracking contest for female students aimed at raising awareness of careers in cyber-security for girls. Currently only ten per cent of the global workforce in this area is female.

Libby Nicklin, aged 16, said: "It is enthralling to have been provided with the opportunity to demonstrate that girls can do anything if they put their minds to it.

"With the majority of the team having little or no experience in cyber, we were astonished to qualify for the final, let alone be exposed to the myriad events we have consequently undertaken.

"Words cannot express our gratitude to all involved in our journey.

"As a team our skills have developed, and individually our confidence has blossomed."

The trip - which includes an overnight stay in London, a limousine ride to the BBC as well as a guided tour of the National Cyber Security Centre headquarters at Nova South - has been organised by the NCSC, a part of GCHQ.

Science teacher Diana Hawkins and headteacher Lindsey Cooke will also be attending.

Emily Manton, aged 15, and Alex Vickers mentioned that the girls’ outstanding performance in the national competition has "opened many doors" and Hannah Revett, also aged 15, was keen to highlight the lack of women in both the cyber industry and engineering.

Heateacher Lindsey Cooke said: "It is wonderful to see the achievements of these star students recognised in this way.

"The National Cyber Security Strategy is absolutely vital to our national security.

"The NCSC is committed to identifying and nurturing talented young people, particularly women, in order to inspire and motivate them as they begin to choose A level subjects and think about university courses and the many opportunities beyond."

The students will appear on Today at around 6.50am on Monday (January 15).