AN INNOVATIVE walking hockey club which launched in Bromsgrove is celebrating its one-year anniversary, having already taken its idea across the globe.

Bromsgrove Walking Hockey was set up by Fairfield granddad Alan Gormley in January last year - initially for a trial period - as a spin-off to walking football. 

Such was the interest in the sport, Alan kept the club open and attracted up to 30 members a week to play.

The group is believed to be the world's first walking hockey club and, as a result of the success in Bromsgrove, Alan has taken the sport to national hockey governing bodies across the world. 

Bodies in England, Wales, Australia and New Zealand have taken it on, and it will launch in Dubai this year. 

More than 20 clubs in England now play the sport, and the world’s first walking hockey festival is also coming in 2018.

Mr Gormley said: “We still can not believe how our new sport has taken off.

"It is so rewarding to see so many people of various ages and abilities across the world all having fun and making new friends whilst getting some fitness too.

"It has exceeded our expectations which was to offer 10-15 local people something new”

The club will celebrate with a birthday cake and drinks in the clubhouse at 8.15pm on Monday, January 15, following its 7 to 8pm session. Newcomers are welcomed to join.