FRUSTRATED residents are calling for a monitored CCTV camera to be installed in an alleyway to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Neighbours said they are being 'persecuted' by two gangs of youths who hang around outside their homes.

The youths have been accused of jumping on cars and throwing stones at residents' windows in Holly Mount, Worcester.

Officers tried to tackle the troublesome teens by issuing dispersal orders last month, which meant they could break up groups and order individuals to go home.

West Mercia Police confirmed it is working with the council to try and fit a CCTV camera in the area.

John Lloyd, aged 61, of Holly Mount, said: "You feel trapped in your home, you can't go out to your car. They are damaging property.

"Every single night we have had it during summer, from 4.30pm they come and go. It varies how many there are. It was like an outdoor youth club. It's an impenetrable barrier.

"It's intimidating. I couldn't write my name three weeks ago as I was shaking. My doctor prescribed my Diazepam."

He reached breaking-point after the teens swore at his wife when she asked them to leave the area.

Mr Lloyd, who owns a model scenery manufacturing business, added that he deliberately goes on trips away with his wife to avoid seeing the youths.

He wants the police to install a CCTV camera overlooking the youths' alleyway hangout, which connects Tunnel Hill with Rose Avenue.

He said: "For the last 12 years we have had peace and quiet. This all kicked off summer this year.

"I'm not old fashioned, when I was a lad I went scrumping and door knocking and running off.

"But this goes beyond. This is persecution."

Mr Lloyd added that he has put a black towel on the inside of his living room window so the youngsters cannot peer in.

He and his wife also use bluetooth headphones when watching television to block out noise from outside.

The resident said the trouble is caused by two gangs, with one made up of older teenagers and the other comprised of young teens.

He said there were up to 16 members of the older group, who first appeared in July, although he has not seen them since the middle of September.

He added that the younger gang still hang out around his front door causing a nuisance.

A 72-year-old neighbour, who also lives in Holly Mount, said he planned to sell his property due to the behaviour.

He said: "We hoped this would be our final resting place but we are now looking at selling the house.

"We are moving to Solihull. The top of the alleyway is their clubhouse. They think it's theirs to do as they please.

"They can't go more than two or three minutes without spitting. I worry about my wife on her own when she's here."

Both of the residents had collections of rubble which had been thrown over their fences and into the street.

Daniel Butler, a spokesman for West Mercia Police, said: "Police have been in discussion with the local council to secure a CCTV unit for future use.

"The CCTV aims to detect and deter anti-social behaviour within the local area."