A VILLAGER concerned about the deteriorating state of certain areas in Hereford has taken matters into her own hands.

Emma Jones, 45, lives in Credenhill but regularly drives into Hereford for work and leisure.

She said she started to notice that the city is looking run-down in some places and decided she could make a difference by tidying-up areas, either through litter picks, weed removal, or cleaning signs and railings.

She said: "I set it up because I am a bit fed-up of seeing Hereford starting to look a bit untidy in certain places. Instead of thinking who should be doing what - I know the council is struggling with the budgets to get everything done - I thought why not just start a group to just get things done.

"I thought there must be other like-minded people out there."

Mrs Jones has set up a Facebook group called Hereford Community Clean Up Group, where she shares organised events. She encourages people to get involved and help her tidy up the city.

She said: "It is nice socially. You get to meet other people and have a chat. At the end of it we can go for a coffee and a cake."

Some of the events will take place during the week but the majority will be at the weekends.

Mrs Jones uses her own equipment but can provide litter grabbers, high-vis outfits and gloves if people do not have their own.

She is happy to take suggestions on the group of areas people think should be tidied up.

Volunteers will be personally responsible for their own safety and will need to sign a disclaimer.

Mrs Jones added: "Obviously if people stop dropping litter we wouldn't have a problem. I don't know if it is an educational thing. I know the council do go into schools and do litter talks but obviously with the youngsters now.

"That is going to take a long time - I think there is a generational gap."

If residents would like to join in they can register their interest on the Facebook page or they can just turn up.

The group is looking for a trolley cart which can tip, so they can use it at litter picks. If you can donate or help provide a trolley, go to the Facebook group. 

The next events are: at Whitecross Fish Bar in Hereford at 11am on Sunday; outside Steels Garage at 11am on September 24; outside Co-op Food in Whitecross Road on September 28 at 1pm; on October 1 at 11am at Widemarsh Common; at The Range at 11am on October 6; and at Asda at 11am on October 15.