A new BBC drama is about to land on our screens in the next few days, starring Michael Sheen and Sharon Horgan.

The emotional series captures the lives of married couple Nicci (Sharon) and Andrew (Michael) whose daughter named Marnie has a life-threatening condition.

However, it follows the story of a dispute between Marnie's parents and the doctors who are caring for her, as the health professionals believe it is in the child’s “best interests” to be allowed to die.

Contrastingly, Nicci and Andrew disagree which leads to a legal battle as they struggle to understand the decision.

When is BBC Best Interests on TV?

Best Interests will be a four-part series airing this month.

The first episode will be on BBC One on Monday, June 12 from 9pm and the second will be on the day after on Tuesday, June at 9pm.

The third and fourth episodes will be on BBC the following week, airing on Monday, June 19 and Tuesday, June 20, also at 9pm.

What is BBC Best Interests about?

According to Radio Times, the synopsis says: "This [is] a story of a family driven apart by having to make choices no parent would ever want to make. Sharon Horgan and Michael Sheen play married couple Nicci and Andrew, they have two daughters: Katie played by Alison Oliver and Marnie played by Niamh Moriarty.

"Marnie has a life-threatening condition. The doctors believe it is in her best interests to be allowed to die, but her loving family disagree. And so begins a fight that will take them through every stage of a legal process, as they struggle to contemplate this huge decision. Who decides? And in whose best interests will it be?"

Full cast announced for BBC Best Interests

This is the full cast list for Best Interests along with names of the characters:

  • Sharon Horgan - Nicci
  • Michael Sheen - Andrew
  • Alison Oliver - Katie
  • Niamh Moriarty - Marnie
  • Noma Dumezweni - Samantha
  • Chizzy Akudolu - Mercy
  • Des McAleer - Eddie
  • Mat Fraser - Greg
  • Gary Beadle - Frank
  • Jack Morris - Tom
  • Pippa Haywood - Judge Spottiswood
  • Shane Zaza - Fred
  • Lucian Msamati - Derek
  • Lisa McGrillis – Brenda

Best Interests is written by Jack Thorne, who is also the writer behind Help and His Dark Materials.