Gordon Ramsay's Next Level Chef has been reportedly axed by ITV after one series. 

The 'world's toughest cooking competition' which is also fronted by Paul Ainsworth and Nyesha Arrington sees 12 aspiring chefs go head-to-head in a 50ft-tall three-story kitchen.

The programme brings together home cooks, professional chefs, and social media culinary creators as they battle it out for the chance to scoop the £100,000 prize and a year-long mentorship from Gordon, Paul and Nyesha.

The series is set in an epic three-story kitchen that ranges from a luxurious top flight kitchen all the way to a basic basement set up so that the chefs have to prove they can create delicious dishes whatever the circumstances.

Hereford Times: 12 cooks battled it out for the £100,000 prize and a year-long mentorship. ( Studio Ramsay/ITV)12 cooks battled it out for the £100,000 prize and a year-long mentorship. ( Studio Ramsay/ITV) (Image: Studio Ramsay/ ITV)

Speaking to The Sun, a source said: "Gordon is highly competitive and he’s gutted the series wasn’t given a second run. These types of shows always take a while to get going and for viewers to connect, so he thinks it wasn’t really given a proper chance.

"But he accepts TV is a brutal world and sometimes shows just don’t work out"

Newsquest has approached ITV for comment. 

Who won the first series of Next Level Chef?

The first and only series winner of Next Level Chef was Lancashire social media chef Jade Greenhalgh. 

Following her win, the 34-year-old was described by Ramsay as “humble, focused and earnest”.

Ramsay added: “Earnest is something that you don’t see a lot in today’s world, especially in cooking as it’s all flamboyant.

“Her approach is just so goddamn down to earth. There is something quite steely about her focus.”

After taking the crown, Jade commented: “It’s been life changing.

“Although I absolutely loved cooking before the competition, creating recipes, now it’s just taken it to another level.

“I found it challenging but I feel like I learnt so much along the way.”

Detailing the toughest element of the show, she said: “I’ve never pushed myself ever in my life as much as I did in that competition.

“So probably for me, it was the long hours – they take their toll and I’d just flop into bed every night because you are just absolutely exhausted.

“Physically but also mentally because you have to give it your all every time you cook.

“But it’s so worth it, every second. It was amazing.”