Popular Countdown star Carol Vordermn has hit out at the Top Gear personality over a new column in which he branded her "awfully shouty".

This comes after the Clarkson's Farm star faced controversy over comments he made about the Dutchess of Sussex in which he said he dreams "of the day when she is made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain."

In his most recent column for The Sun on Sunday, he wrote: “In recent weeks, Carol Vorderman seems to have re-invented herself as a sort of anti-Tory, anti-sleeze warrior”

Jeremy Clarkson added: “Having not got her way in a debate about the menopause this week, she said she had been ‘absolutely disgusted’ by the attitude of two lady MPs.

"That’s a bit strong, because if you’re “absolutely disgusted” by someone who disagrees with you about the menopause, then how do you describe your feelings towards a Russian soldier who’s just lobbed a hand grenade into a school?

"Surely, that would be ‘absolutely disgusting'. Whereas someone who doesn’t share your view in a debate is mildly irritating."

Carol Vorderman responded to this on Twitter where she called the TV personality out for his comments, saying: "Well well. The known defender of women’s rights, Jeremy Clarkson, has a go at a woman again.

"Jeremy love, if I am disgusted at MPs fibbing & not turning up as they are meant to do, then I’ll be ‘disgusted’.

“Glad you used a nice photo tho or I might have been ‘mildly irritated’".

'What an absolute tool': Denice Welch backs Carol Vorderman and condemns Jeremy Clarkson

A number of other popular presenters and personalities backed Carol up with Loose Women panellist Denice Welch also taking to social media to support the Gogglebox star.

She said: "What an absolute tool he is" to which the Countdown star jokingly responded: "which tool tho Dens? An Old Hack-Saw?"

Other users commented with one writing: "Thank you @carolvorders for speaking up, for being “shouty” when it’s needed and for frequently calling people out (MPs). Atta girl."

Jess Davies added: "How dare a woman be shouty, coming from a man who never knows when to stay quiet."

While Simply Red added: "He obviously fancies you Carol" to which Carol replied: "Lols Mick. I'll await his what's app!"