The government is set to announce plans to house migrants in military bases or disused ferries in the coming weeks.

The plans would see migrants that are currently staying in hotels be moved out into alternative accommodation.

It comes as ministers signal that they want to end the use of hotels as asylum seeker accommodation.

Previously, there have been suggestions to use holiday camps and student halls, however, it is unlikely for these actions to take place.

The news comes ahead of Conservative MPs preparing to rebel against Prime Minsters Rishi Sunak’s illegal immigration bill next week.

Hereford Times:

In recent times seeing former ministers and senior Tories signed an amendment craving out the role of the European Court of Human Rights in the UK process of illegal migration handling.

The change was put forward by former PM Boris Johnson's political secretary Danny Kruger, with support from many MPs including the likes of Sir Iain Duncan Smith, and Simon Clarke.

Sunak’s legislation will be discussed by the Commons on Monday, March 27 and Tuesday, March 28.

But, ahead of the legislations discussion, government sources are hinting that an announcement on hotel accommodation is expected within weeks, according to Sky News.

The news of the announcement comes after the use of a Royal Air Force base in Lincolnshire to house asylum seekers was met with opposition.

With plans suggesting that around 1,500 immigrants could be housed in the RAF base in Scampton.

The proposal would see a £300 million plan to turn the base into a heritage site scrapped.