Tesco customers can expect major changes to how they save money when shopping at the popular UK store chain.

The retailer announced that shoppers would have to move over to another app with the original Clubcard app being axed by the company.

Many may have ditched their physical Clubcard a long time ago but now customers will have to use a new app if they want to collect Clubcard points.

Shoppers were advised on how to guarantee that they keep their Clubcard points.

Hereford Times: (PA) Tesco are to ditch their Clubcard app in favour of new one(PA) Tesco are to ditch their Clubcard app in favour of new one (Image: PA)

When is the Tesco Clubcard app being shut down?

From April 18, shoppers will have to download a new Tesco Clubcard app if they want to take advantage of the offers available in stores.

Shoppers will still be able to collect points, turn points into vouchers and create shopping lists but must do so on the new app.

How to download the new Tesco Clubcard app

The Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app is available to download on Android and Apple devices with shoppers being able to find these on Apple Store and Google Play.

However, the new app is also available to download through the current Clubcard app.

Downloading this way ensures your account will be automatically moved over.

Will my Clubcard points be saved as Tesco scraps app?

When you download the new app, your points will be automatically moved over to the new Grocery & Clubcard app.

If you don't download the app, the points will remain in your account.

Tesco says Clubcard app is the 'easiest' way to make the most of shopping

A Tesco spokesperson told the Mirror: "With the combined power of Clubcard Prices, coupons and vouchers alongside our Reward Partner codes, Clubcard is the best way to get value at Tesco – and our Grocery and Clubcard app is the easiest way to make the most of all your Clubcard has to offer.

"You can use it when shopping online or in-store as a one-stop-shop to save money, collect points and use your vouchers and coupons.

"You can also unlock extra value from your vouchers by using them with one of our Reward Partners through the Grocery & Clubcard app."

The Tesco Clubcard will be scrapped on April 18 and replaced with a new app.