A HEREFORDSHIRE enthusiast has set up her own YouTube channel to celebrate everything the county has to offer. 

Helen Parry from Tupsley loves to live in Hereford and has complied a video which celebrates the city.

She takes viewers through the city on her bicycle and then uses her drone to get some brilliant shots from the sky. 

Here is a section of Helen's video:

Helen said: "I started the YouTube channel seriously in the last ten months or so. I just started doing those sort of videos."

She has lived in Hereford for 46 years. 

She added: "I don't think I could ever move from here. It is beautiful. 

"When I used to work in Chadds years ago, when I spoke to reps who came in from other areas they used to say how beautiful Herefordshire is. 

"We live in such an amazing place. We kinda take it for granted."

Helen has been filming with drones for about six months. 

She said the drone is quite easy to use. 

Helen, who is 49, is also a photographer, filmmaker, Scout leader, and her day job is a teaching assistant at Hereford Academy.

She is going to make videos of Ross-on-Wye, Symonds Yat and the Wye Valley. 

Helen is asking people to subscribe to her channel.

Go to youtube.com/hsparry