AS a special treat for our readers who celebrate Halloween, we've compiled a list of some of the county's 'most haunted' pubs.

With reports of poltergeist activity, mysterious noises and ghostly appearances, there are plenty of alleged horrible goings-on.

Andy Black from Visit Herefordshire has put together the list but BEWARE, there are some spooky tales... 

1) Black Lion Hereford. This is probably the first pub you'd think of when it comes to being 'haunted' - those interested in the paranormal have always been intrigued by this Grade II listed building.

Believed to date back to 1550, the pub is known for mysterious footsteps being heard, objects suddenly moving and for a figure known as 'Alice' seen in a top floor window.

2) The Booth Hall. Now closed, there are historical reports of this old building being used as a jail and a courthouse.

One ghost story from the venue reports that a chimney breast suddenly collapsed while a medium was on the site. It's also known for shadows being cast for no reason and has a very compact tunnel-like cellar with an 'eerie atmosphere'.

3) The Green Dragon Hotel. Reportedly situated on underground tunnels running beneath Broad Street - with some possibly leading to the Cathedral - there are several tales of murder and one beheading linked to the building.

There is one floor in particular where guests have sometimes claimed to sense an eerie presence. 

4) The Orange Tree. Claims of a murder in 1863, poltergeist activity, frequent fires and objects moving.

5) The Spread Eagle. According to paranormal reports there's a female ghost sometimes seen gazing out of one of the windows at the front of this 17th century inn.

6) The New Inn, Pembridge. Dating back to 1311 as a farmhouse, a War of the Roses treaty was allegedly signed here in 1461. It's reportedly haunted by two ghosts – one is a woman pining for her lover to return and one is soldier.

7) The Skirrid Inn, Llanvihangel Crucorney, Abergavenny. Although not in Herefordshire, this one deserves a mention for being one of the oldest and allegedly most eerie pubs in Wales.

It's regularly featured on ‘reality’ shows, such as Most Haunted, and it is believed that more than 180 people were hanged there. The original rope-marked wooden beam is still on display in the pub.

  • Have you ever had a strange experience in one of these venues? Have we missed any? Let us know.