A NEW initiative is offering paws for thought for busy dog lovers in North Herefordshire.

Kingsland Boarding Kennel and Cattery (KBKC) – which encompasses dog rescue charity Fresh Start – is pioneering an innovative part-time dog ownership scheme for busy people who work full-time but wish they could have a furry friend for weekend walks and lazy Sundays in front of the television.

KBKC will be offering people the chance to adopt a rescue dog on a part-time basis, while the team at the kennels care for them the remainder of the time. Each scheme will be bespoke to give the best possible scenario for person and pooch.

Owner Safi Zagni, who moved to the kennels in October 2013, is behind the implementation of the scheme.

She said: "There are so many people who would make great dog owners and really enhance the life of a rescue dog – I love all the dogs I take in and give them the highest possible standard of care, but there is nothing better for them than spending quality time with someone one-on-one and developing a real connection.

"Some people think that their busy life means they would not be able to give a dog the level of care they would like, so a part time scheme would be great for them and great for the dog."

The idea for the scheme came after Safi received comments from people who said they would love to have a dog but worked during the week and could not dedicate enough time to a four-legged addition to the family.

There are currently around 20 dogs looking for homes.

"I'm hoping it will go really well," added Safi. "People I have spoken to about it seem very enthusiastic about it."

Anyone who is interested in finding out more can contact KBKC by calling 01568 708537.