IN Biblical times a large group of people – 5,000 in fact – was going through similar difficulties to those we are currently experiencing They had a steep and long climb to gather on a mount to listen to a born leader who, despite good planning and foresight in preparing a pre-packed lunch of fishes and loaves, shared what he had with all.

In today’s world with all its economic problems, shortages, particularly of money, we have the reverse of that scenario where bankers, top executives and even council leaders in some cases are plunging into the trough, oblivious to the plight of others.

Nationally and locally hundreds of vital workers are losing their jobs, such as health carers, social workers, nurses, policemen/women – the list is endless.

Yet some top dogs, not such cool cats, are sitting in a gravy train crammed to the ceiling, pigging out (a modern yet apt term) and not even bothering to look out of the window to see the famine for fear of missing their dessert.

It is therefore high time someone crept in and pulled the emergency cord. I’ll pay the fine, which ultimately will be less expensive, before we all end up in a dark, endless tunnel.

The moral of this story, surely, is to share and share alike. Here endeth the lesson.


Kenchester, Hereford.