YOUR correspondent Mr Bob Widdowson (Readers’ Times, June 24) queries the decision of the Conservative-controlled council to continue the housing targets imposed by the last Labour government.

Those 8,500 additional dwellings means a likely increase in population of 25,000 just in the city and an increase of 54,000 in the county.

The infrastructure demands will be enormous, with many thousands of school places required as well as medical and recreational facilities.

The increase in traffic will mean more roads, a large increase in water usage plus such awkward matters as rubbish and sewerage. Perhaps most important of all, thousands more jobs will be needed.

There is no indication that the council has even considered these problems let alone provide solutions.

The urbanisation of the county will of course be welcomed by property developers who will be able to turn their very large landholdings into cash. The resulting housing estates, at 45 houses to the hectare, will be identical to the many others throughout the country.

The council needs to be reminded that agriculture and tourism are large and profitable sources of employment and income.

Herefordshire is renowned for its unique character and its fine and beautiful countryside.

People do not come here to see factory and housing estates, they go to Birmingham.

DAVID Q MILLER, Bullinghope, Hereford.