I WRITE regarding the proposed kennels at Brilley Wood.

The main point of objection to the establishment of these kennels is the noise that will be caused by the 50 hounds that are expected to be housed there.

The existing Golden Valley Hunt kennels are at Sheepcote Farm, Clifford, which is just across the River Wye from Brilley, and residents know very well the noise that emanates from these kennels.

The planning inspector ignored this local knowledge, instead accepting without question a noise assessment survey commissioned by, and produced for, the applicants, which concluded, that disturbance to neighbouring residents was unlikely.

Objections about the smell from the kennels is another issue that the inspector disregarded.

There were only 11 conditions of approval, most of which would be applied to any planning application.

Brilley Wood is within 200m of other dwellings and this planning application attracted overwhelming local opposition.

In a parish with an electoral register containing about 200 names, a petition objecting to the development was signed by 167 people. Brilley Parish Council voted unanimously to object to the application.

The application went before Herefordshire Council’s northern area planning sub-committee and was refused by a majority of 16 votes to one.

Since this decision was contrary to the planning officer’s recommendation, it then went for discussion at the main planning committee, which refused it by 11 votes to four.

The applicants refused to accept the wishes of the local community and, with the backing of the Golden Valley Hunt, appealed to the planning inspectorate. This appeal was upheld.

Other than an expensive High Court action, there is no challenge to this outrageous decision which makes a mockery of the whole process of democratic local consultation.

We would urge any landowners within the Golden Valley Hunt area to refuse permission for the hunt to cross their land in protest at the contempt that the hunt has shown for the quality of life of the residents of Brilley.

These kennels should be sited in a remote location away from other dwellings, preferably in the Golden Valley, the nearest part of which is about four miles from Brilley on the other side of the River Wye.