Hereford needs a ring road with two bridges, west and east, and slip roads, with no roundabouts on all major roads – A49, A465, A438, A4110 etc and red double lines on all of these routes within the city boundary, a plan for a developed tram or trolley bus system and separate properly linked cycle network that is not on roads or footpaths e.g. from King's Acre Halt to Credenhill the cycle path crosses the main road eight times.


In addition a properly developed link road with cycle paths from the M50 to the A465 west of Hereford and the A49 is needed.

Hereford is the only city town or village on the whole of the A49 that does not have a bypass or something similar.

The traffic is worse than in 1968 before the "new bridge". All successful cities worldwide have more than one bridge in the centre.

Steve Tippins


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