Reader's letter: It is sad to see our Council, which wishes to see a more environmentally attractive city centre, unable to grasp the obvious benefits of bypassing as much through traffic as possible.

How can it make sense for such vehicles as HGVs, and tractors with trailers using arterial roads through the town to access their market? What about the increasing concern over the negative health effects of heavy traffic on residents adjoining these roads?


Total madness to cancel Hereford bypass 

Cycle lanes won't stop trucks rolling down the A49

How can it be sensible to pay £12million to cancel detailed plans ready for construction at central government's expense at a time of restraints on local government expenditure.

What an irresponsible waste of money which could be put to good practical use. Talk of an Eastern bypass as an alternative is only a distraction, in due course both Western and Eastern will be necessary to maximise the diversion of unwanted traffic through this historic city.

Please think again!

John Rodger


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