An application has been submitted to Hereford Council for a new poultry unit at Crump Oak, Lyonshall (360,000 birds).

Objections from many residents have been submitted to planners. The applicant has already got a poultry unit at Pamington, Tewkesbury, and has now applied for a new poultry unit increasing capacity to 600,000 birds.

If approval is given to the Crump Oak site there is surely a strong likelihood of a request to increase the numbers at a later stage.

Avara have confirmed that the Hereford plant is at capacity, so where are all these chickens going?

The applicant has no regard for the planning process as evidenced by the retrospective application for the access road through Crump Oak.

The Royal George, Lyonshall, looks a mess and has done so for a few years. Please be aware that these poultry units contribute towards increased traffic on our roads. North Herefordshire is now awash with poultry units. Please no more.

Marion Scott