I frequently travel along the Rise Lane from Lyonshall to Shobdon, a road which regularly floods when the weather is bad.

On April 5 at 5.40pm, I was travelling down this road.

There was flooding on the opposite side to me. I could see the water ahead, but my side was clear, so I carried on, then to my shock, a white van coming in the opposite direction kept going at speed through this deep water with total disregard to my safety.

The driver caused an enormous surge of water to hit my vehicle. For several seconds the vision from my windscreen was zero.

What sort of idiot would cause me to be in that position, whereby I could have encountered an accident?

Did the driver not realise that when you drive into flood water at speed, the vehicle can lose control on the water.

I hope the driver reads this or is made aware of the irresponsible action he took

that afternoon to endanger my life.

This road has flooded for years, so why is it that the Highways Agency cannot rectify this problem?

They probably don’t have the resources to pay for it.

Some parts of the road also needs major resurfacing as well.

Life is more important than cut back savings.

Linda Burgoyne