Like most residents in the Three Crosses Ward I received the electioneering flier promoting Mr Lester for the forthcoming council elections.

To say that I was incensed would be an understatement.

The leaflet shows Mr Lester photographed in front of the Burley Gate Community Shop under the banner “Helping Communities to Help Themselves”.

I would like to make it clear that Mr Lester had nothing to do with the concept, planning, publicity, finance or anything else for our community shop.

The photograph implies that he has had an input into this project, which he has not, and undermines the efforts of a dedicated committee and enthusiastic volunteers.

In the same leaflet there is a photograph of the defibrillator on the wall of the Burley Gate Village Hall which in my opinion suggests that he has had at least some input in the provision of this equipment “Helping Those in Need” ...again he has not.

This has been the initiative of one dedicated local person and for Mr Lester to use this as campaign fodder is disrespectful and shameful.

Voters should be made aware of who they have as their candidate before the election.

I have always voted Conservative, but this apparent leeching on the achievements of others has certainly cancelled out my vote.

The leaflet also show Mr Lester litter picking. Would I trust him to do even this?... Probably not.

Leon J Dodd

Much Cowarne