I preface this letter by saying I am apolitical.

I read with interest that the IOC, Independent, Green and potentially Liberal parties, are intending to work together in the forthcoming elections.

I welcome this, given that we have been under Conservative governance for the past two terms whereby they refused to take on board alternative points of view from councillors of other parties on major issues.

We have had regular major overspends and financial irregularities which are still under investigation together with the refusal to publish councillors names who transgress the codes of public office.

The current administration has continually steamrollered spending through, without listening to other parties’ suggestions.

They have overseen a reduction in social welfare whilst giving a further £3.5 million to progress the transport package mainly around the two proposed relief roads.

I urge everyone to vote for the candidates who truly care about the residents of this county, who will listen to all points of view and put a stop to the current arrogance and over-spends.

Let’s have a council that cares for the residents of Herefordshire and does not waste the hard-earned taxes that we have all had to pay them.

Peter Hands